Pages that I've designed for Solar Fire 9

Over the years, I have donated dozens of chart pages and Art Pages to Esoteric, so that every astrologer could use them.

Here are some of the new ones that I've shared with the company for Solar Fire 9:

1. hf_0ehankhalfscreen4.pag

The user selects two charts, first the natal chart and then the current transits. The page shows a large natal chart at top, plus several useful tables, but also a biwheel with the outer transits around the natal chart, making it exceptionally useful to astrologers giving readings.

2. hf_softandhard2whsyn.pag

My major innovation here is two biwheels, one with hard aspects and one with soft aspects, so that, at a glance, you can see the relative stress and harmony between two people.

and two other pages like this: hf_bihardsoftbionly.pag (which shows two large biwheels and two closest aspect tables) and hf_BiHardSoft.pag (which has both birth charts and biwheels).

3. hf_0synwhl6.pag

I use this for most compatibility readings because you have both natal wheels and a biwheel and other data images.

4. hf_chartandxray.pag

The importance of partile aspects can never be underestimated. This page shows a regular natal chart and one with partile aspects only.

5. Multiple Charts Pages:

hf_4wheels big.pag and hf_6wheels big.pag allow you to see several people's charts on one page very clear:

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